How To Inquire

How To Inquire Product

How to place enquiry/inquiry

Click/Tap on this button if you would like to know more about the product.  and then click/tap on

to enquire/inquire.


Enquiring/Inquiring Individually

If you would like to enquire/inquire only one product, please do so by following the guideline (at the top) above. If you wish to know more info about the product, You can insert your own inquiry in the Note section column in the form.

If you wish to get more enquiry/inquiry on different products, please follow the guideline at Several Products Enquiry/Inquiry section (below) or  simply place enquiry/inquiry by filling up the forms each time you wish to place inquiry.


Several Products Enquiry/Inquiry

Please note that the inquiry/enquiry system, by default, only allows 1 product inquiry at a time. However, You can include several products and/or insert your own inquiries in the Note section column in the form. To save time and hassle, We would suggest you to perform this method by providing several product codes (by copying) in the Note section so you won’t need to place enquiry/inquiry several times.

Several Products Enquiry/Inquiry Example (To be Filled up In Note Section)

  • Rubine Counter Top Washbasin – BM4401-0120
  • Baron Toilet Bowl W-888
  • Bibcock NTL 2022-C

Multiple designs/models products

If the product has more than one model/design, Please indicate (by copying) the model numbers if you wish to inquire any of these products in the note section.


Multiple designs/models example 

To enquire/Enquire all 6 models

  • Rubine Counter Top Washbasin – BM4401-0120
  • Rubine Counter Top Washbasin – BM4406-0100
  • Rubine Counter Top Washbasin – BM4402-0100
  • Rubine Counter Top Washbasin – BM6403-0130
  • Rubine Counter Top Washbasin – BM6405-0130
  • Rubine Counter Top Washbasin – BM8504-0130